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Who is ChocoClic ?

Sébastien is first and foremost a chocolate fanatic and an explorer always on the look out to discover cacao and chocolate creators. He decided very young to follow his passion and became a Pastry Chef and Chocolatier.

After his training, he spent 8 years working in that field before finding out he couldn’t do his dream job because of a medical condition. This forced him to change careers and he became an entrepreneur.

Since he didn’t want to abandon the world of chocolate, he decided in 2000 to create the website to share is passion with the world.

The website was an instant success because it was at the time one of very few sites to publish information about chocolate in French. What began as a simple website with a few articles became little by little a reference in the chocolate world with an article, album or documentary published daily.

More than a decade later its launch, it’s the best French-speaking website when it comes to broadcasting comprehensive and high quality content about Chocolate. Its articles cover cacao world’s current events as well as its History and manufacturing process. Sébastien regularly visits cacao plantations and chocolate shops to film new documentaries and bring to the public a new look on the backstage of the chocolate world.

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