Amazonian cocoa: the chocolate you learn about in school and beyond!

From Touka to chilli tablets to cocoa liquor … Amazonian Cacao reveals the spicy flavors of Guyana and Brazil to our palates. This pure artisan production not only invites our taste buds on an Amazonian getaway, but it also differs from its peers when it comes to learning about it. Not only do visitors discover it, but it is also taught about in schools through educational events tailored to each grade level. 

From primary to high school students, from the cocoa bean to chocolate tablets, students learn all about Amazonian cocoa in school, when they go on a walk, and in a workshop!

Olivier Dummett: man of the woods, harvest-chocolatier …

Behind the history of Amazonian cocoa is a cocoa enthusiast, heir to the Amerindian tradition of Uaça he learned from his in-laws. With his experience, Olivier Dummett has began to process and produce brown gold by reviving an 18th century Guyanese plantation abandoned since the 19th century. This man of the woods – as he likes to be thought of, has manually harvested his pods in the undergrowth of Bas-Approuague since 2002, to make 100% artisanal chocolate products: tablets and liqueur; Raw Forastero tablets with brazil nuts (touka), chilli, or ginger.

… and chocolate teacher: “Chocolate cocoa”

Passion, like chocolate, is shared, and all in simplicity with Olivier Dummett who decided to add another task to his job description in 2005: chocolate teacher! Learn about cocoa, touch the beans, distinguish their colors and their tastes, listen to the song of the roasted seeds, smell the cocoa paste, form the chocolate … A complete initiation using knowledge and all 5 senses, that this lover of cocoa has cleverly concocted for each age group by developing an adapted educational program.

Thus, the theoretical part of his workshops tells the story of cocoa in its sensory dimensions, from its history and geography to elementary school students, to its botanical aspects to college students. The practical part introduces them to the whole process of cocoa processing: from cracking open the pod to the modeling of chocolate tablets, including the taste and olfactory qualities of the product at each step of the process. An enticing itinerary that is also open to travelers who want to learn about cocoa!

Amazonian cocoa, something to enjoy learning about from the age of 7 to 77!