Happy Valentine with Forever Chocolates from LEONIDAS !

An original gift where every mouthful creates an emotion

St Valentine’s Day is the ultimate celebration of hearts and love, the occasion toshow, once again, how much you care for the one you love.
This year, again, the master chocolate makers at Leonidas have created a thousand and one ways to move your loved one. Let us simply talk of love and tenderness…

There are many occasions to show another person how much we love them – times when we want to surprise them… offering bouquets of red roses, exchanging tender words, sharing romantic, candlelight dinners, or offering chocolates… there’s no lack of opportunities to share these moments of togetherness and love.
To celebrate Love as it should be done, LEONIDAS has devised the «Forever» range of chocolates – heart-shaped chocolate love potions especially chosen for the richness of their flavours, their originality and the quality of their ingredients.

b[An original gift where every mouthful creates an emotion]b

Discover all the subtleties of the outstanding chocolates created by the famous chocolate maker LEONIDAS. Because chocolate is, above all, a pleasure, a special moment which we all love to experience to the full – whatever our age.
There’s nothing like the Forever Coffee, a combination of milk chocolate and caramelised coffee cream, to awaken your senses, or Forever Cherries, an absolute delight made of milk chocolate, home-made coconut milk cream and cherries. Offer your loved one an instant of pleasure with Forever Lemon Mint, white chocolate filled with butter and milk cream, flavoured with mint and lemon and a thin layer of almond cream or a Forever Passion Fruit, black chocolate filled with caramel cream and pulp of « Maracuja », flavoured with passion fruit. An irresistible blend definitely to be savoured together!
Forever Praline is another of the chocolate perfections created by LEONIDAS. Its blend of milk chocolate and praline is sure to surprise your Valentine.

To mark St Valentine’s Day, Cupid, the patron saint of lovers, will also be going round the displays in LEONIDAS boutiques. As well as shop windows marvellously decorated for the occasion, the boxes, too, will be looking their loveliest. Forever chocolates will be presented either in a red heart-shaped metal box, or in a superb velvet heart that can hold from one to one hundred chocolates. And that’s not all – this year LEONIDAS is also offering an elegant velvet box in red and pink.
There will be something to suit every age, every taste and every budget.