The United States and Chocolate

The United States are spread over a large territory that houses many sites and natural wonders. Its population is marked by great ethnic diversity. Its history has left unique vestiges around the world. All of these are key attractions of American tourism. It is noted that urban tourism in American megacities like Los Angeles complements these influxes thanks to the many skyscrapers and other achievements of the human genius. Large amusement parks like Walt Disney World Resort attract many tourists. Americans also have a very popular cuisine. It is as diverse as its population. Hot dogs and hamburgers were born in this multi-ethnic kitchen. Now let’s look at the history of chocolate in the United States. 

The United States and Chocolate

Chocolate was discovered for the first time in 1519 by Hernán Cortez. In the year 1700 it made its way to the United States, which at that time was still a British colony. At that time, it was consumed as a medicinal drink. Since then, this group of states has become the leader in the importation of cocoa beans as well as in the production of chocolate.

America has had three major master chocolatiers: Baker was the first in 1765, Hershey in 1862, and Mars in 1923. The cocoa processor Blommer chocolate company is the leading supplier of industrial chocolate in the United States. The cocoa favored by these American producers are varieties found in the Ivory Coast and especially those cultivated in Latin American countries: the trinitario. It is a hybrid resulting from a cross between forastero and criollo.

American Chocolate

Americans’ favorite kind of chocolate is milk chocolate, followed in terms of consumption by dark chocolate. Moreover, it turns out that Americans choose chocolate as the preferred flavor for desserts and other sweets. The United States is best known for its Mars chocolate bar. This chocolate bar is produced by Mars Incorporated. It is composed of chocolate malt nougat coated with caramel and covered with milk chocolate. There are many opportunities to try this treat in America, especially during Valentine’s Day, Easter, Halloween, Christmas celebration, birthdays, and other celebrations like Mother’s Day. If chocolate is so popular while celebrating holidays, it is because it is one of the most appreciated treats in the world.
The United States is the second largest consumer of chocolate after European countries. This is why cocoa and its products play an important role in the American economic market.