Your Senses Awakened With a Dark Chocolate Tasting

Did you know that there are more than 500 detectable flavors in chocolate? They vary according to the region from which the cocoa beans are derived, but also according to its elaboration. This explains why there is a difference between eating chocolate, and enjoying it. Without a doubt, this second exercise takes us on a fabulous journey that will awaken all of our senses. Will you follow me?

We get ourselves ready!

Do not do anything. Choose several different dark chocolate tiles and sit in a relatively neutral, airy, temperate, odorless room. This is a prerequisite!

The tasting begins with your eyes

Observe the colors and aspects of dark chocolate: variations ranging from red to dark, shades of chestnut, brown, etc. Is the color homogeneous? Does your piece shine, is it rather dull? Flat? Do you see small white spots on it?

We let ourselves be carried away by the perfume

Observation is followed by the fragrance that your Dark Chocolate gives off at first waft. Rich aromas, whose nuances will intensify or diminish when you break your square. Take your time during these two steps, it’s important. Look for animal odors, such as musk or leather, vanilla or pepper spices, vegetable or fruity floral flavors … A true anthology! And the more you practice, the more you will be able to discover the nuances.

The grand finale: the palate’s sensations…

This is the last step and without a doubt the best. First of all, your palate’s first impression, from crunchiness to texture and melting in your mouth. Here again, an explosion of flavors that will last after you swallow your square. Does it taste bitter? Salty, sweet or sour? All at the same time but with different nuances of intensity? How do these flavors evolve? Do they linger in your mouth? Do you smell cocoa butter? Is this fat melting? Creamy?

Finally, do you not feel the sensation of happiness that tasting dark chocolate gives us?